Avoid the disappointment of rejection.

In order to save money, several minor operations have stopped receiving funding under the NHS. Although it may not be necessary
to remove the conditions found on the list below, their presence can have a profound effect on people’s life’s . They are often
unsightly, can be sore, can catch on clothing and effect confidence.

At Core Medical Clinics we remove all benign skin lesions. Theses procedures are classed as unnecessary and no longer funded by the NHS.

We remove the following by surgical and laser.

Cysts,Moles,Dermatofibromas (skin growths),Lipomas (fat deposits underneath the skin),Seborrheic keratoses (benign skin growths/age spots),

Skin tags, Xanthelasmas (white deposits underneath the skin of the eyelids)

All the above will be rejected by your NHS GP under the new regulations! However there is good news all theses
affordable procedures are offered here at Core Medical Clinics in our minor skin surgery theatre, and performed by
Plastic and general Surgeons. Prices start from as little as £249.00 with no hidden charges.

If you suffer from any of these conditions we offer a free online consultation to assess your suitability for procedure.

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