The NHS is under a great deal of financial pressure and is constantly having to make cuts to services to save money.  One service that has been affected by such cuts is the minor surgical procedures. So now minor surgical procedures for conditions that are not harmful are no longer available on the NHS.

However at Core medical clinics we believe these conditions can affect individuals in many ways though they are not physically harmful. These conditions can be unsightly, sore, a nuisance as they can catch on clothing and can actually affect ones confidence and self esteem. Due to these reasons and the increasing demand…

…wait for it….

…. there’s good news as we offer treatments for so many of these conditions here at Core!

We offer removal of the following skin conditions using the latest surgical techniques and laser technology: Cysts, Moles, Dermatofibromas (skin growths), Lipomas (fat deposits underneath the skin), Seborrheic keratoses (benign skin growths/age spots), Skin tags, Xanthelasmas (white deposits underneath the skin of the eyelids)

We take great pride in the quality of service and the overall clients experience. To achieve this we rely heavily on our client feedback so we maintain high standards of care and continually develop our services for the future.

If you suffer from any of these conditions we offer a free online consultation to assess your suitability for a procedure.

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