What are Cancerous Moles?

Cancerous moles are a form of skin cancer. Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the UK. Non-melanoma skin cancers usually develop slowly in the top layers of skin in the form of a mole, lump or patch of coloured skin, which is persistent or grows. Skin cancer is more common in older people and in those who have a family history or who have had repeated unprotected sun exposure.

Non-melanoma skin cancers most often develop on areas of the skin, which are regularly exposed to the sun; such as the face, ears, hands, shoulders, upper chest and back.

It is important to seek medical advice if you have any skin abnormality, such as a lump, ulcer, lesion or skin discolouration which hasn’t healed after four weeks.

You can see your GP or make an appointment at Core Medical Clinics, where a Consultant Plastic Surgeon or Dermatology Nurse Consultant can perform a Mole Check and offer medical advice as necessary. Our expert medical team can also perform a biopsy and private skin cancer treatment if necessary.

The two most common types of non-melanoma skin cancer are:


Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)

Also known as a rodent ulcer. BCC starts in the cells lining the bottom of the epidermis and accounts for about 75% of skin cancers. Lesions associated with a BCC usually appear as small, shiny pink or pearly-white lumps with a translucent or waxy appearance. They can also look like a red, scaly patch. There may also be brown or black pigment within the patch. The lump slowly gets bigger and can become crusty, bleed or develop into an ulcer.


Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC)

Starts in the cells lining the top of the epidermis and accounts for about 20% of skin cancers. Lesions associated with a SCC usually appear as a firm pink lump with a rough or crusted surface. There can be a lot of surface scale and sometimes even a spiky horn sticking up from the surface. The lump is often tender to touch, bleeds easily and may develop into an ulcer.

Click here to read the NHS guidance on skin cancer (non-melanoma).

How to make an appointment?

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