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Hay Fever Injection Price

Hay Fever Injection £125
The full cost is payable upon booking.

About Hay Fever Injection Appointments

Hay Fever is a common complaint in the UK. Every year, 10-15% of us will be affected by symptoms of pollen allergy. Symptoms can be mild; sneezing, suffering from a runny nose etc. or they can be more severe, with sufferers experiencing exhaustion and sickness.

Hay Fever works just the same as any other allergic response – the immune system responds to a foreign substance entering the body and attempts to remove it. In the case of Hay Fever, this foreign body is pollen (which is harmless to your health). Hay fever is simply your immune system over-reacting to a perceived threat.

Hay Fever Treatments

Treatments are available on prescription and over the counter. Around 10% of hay fever sufferers find their symptoms do not respond to readily available treatments such as anti-histamine tablets. Anti-histamines are not without side effects and they do not prove effective in every case. As an alternative, sufferers may consider the use of steroids.

Steroids are some of the most powerful anti-inflammatory medications available. They help supress the body’s immune response and are used to treat a variety of conditions in which the body’s immune system gets out of control. These include Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hay Fever.

The Hay Fever Injection

Steroid treatments are available in tablet form, or in the form of an injection known as the Kenalog injection. The injection effectively contains the same medication as steroid tablets, but the route of administration is different. When the steroids are injected instead of ingested they are deposited directly into the muscle. There, they enter into the bloodstream in a low dose over the course of around three weeks. Hay fever sufferers generally only require one injection to reduce symptoms for the entire Hay Fever season. Compared to taking tablets every day, that is very convenient.

Kenalog injections have helped many people to control Hay Fever symptoms. For severe sufferers, life can be seriously disrupted by Hay Fever and the injection is their go-to remedy every year.

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