What is Hay Fever?

Hay fever also known as allergic rhinitis is an extremely common allergic reaction and effects over 12 million people throughout the
year here in the UK. Individuals who have this can experience one or all of the listed symptoms below, which can range from mild to

What are the causes Hay Fever?

The most common recorded allergens are grass, tree, and flower Pollen, house dust and mites, mould, and animal. When someone
has an allergy to any of the above the body makes allergic antibodies.March- September have the highest pollen count in the UK,
common times of the year for Grass pollen is allergen April to July, tree pollen is February to June and weed is June to September.
Unfortunately, the indoor allergens are not seasonal and can continue all year round.
What Are the most common Symptoms?
• Itchy/runny eyes
• Itchy and dry throat
• Sneezing
• Blocked/runny nose
• Headaches
• Shortness of breath
• Fatigue

What are the best way to help hay fever?

There are lots of shop bought medication that can help with the symptoms of hay fever such as tablets, nasal sprays and eye drops.
If all these have been tried and symptoms continue to persist you may be suitable for Kenalog injection.Steroid/Kenalog Injections
Hay Fever Steroid injections also known as Kenalog injections can be used to help with hay fever management when all other forms of
treatment such as, tablets, nasal spray etc have not worked. Hay fever injections can dramatically improve the quality of life for
someone who have extreme symptoms which have not been helped by shop bought antihistamines.

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Hay Fever Injections

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