“An end to the standard 10-minute GP consultation to allow family doctors to spend more time with patients with complex needs is core to the Royal College of GPs’ vision for the future of general practice.” – RCGP May 2019.

Research shows that UK offers some of the shortest GP consultations in Europe, averaging just 9.2 minutes! GPs are finding themselves dealing with numerous problems in a very short time interval and this is increasing the risk of compromising patient care and GP burn out. Due to the ever increasing pressure on GPs they are quitting the NHS or taking time off because of stress. Leaving fewer GPs to deal with more patients with complex medical problems.

So the need to increase the GP consultation time is a no brainer. It gives GPs time to deal with medical problems appropriately and ensures safety for both patient and doctor.

Here at Core Medical, we recognise that 10 minutes are not enough. We offer our clients a minimum of 30 minutes per consultation which we feel serve’s their best interests.

The Mirror Newspaper reports.