Want to save time and money? Laser Hair Removal may be the answer.

We all use different methods to remove unwanted hair, often swapping and changing the method we use, including DIY techniques. It is estimated that an average woman spends £23,000  in salons to wax away unwanted hair over the course of her lifetime. Whilst those who prefer shaving spends around £6,500 and eight weeks of their life managing unwanted hair. Whatever the method of choice, it takes a huge amount of time, effort and money.

How it works

The treatment is carried out using an infer-red light to heat up the pigment in the hair follicle, the blood supply is destroyed, and the hair can no longer grow. Laser Hair Removal is usually carried out in courses of 8 treatments, in 4- 6 weekly intervals. Prices start from as little as £21 per treatment, with successful courses reducing the hair growth by 90%.

Laser Hair Removal is suitable for anyone.

Laser Hair Removal is not just favoured by women, men are also opting for this method, as it relieves ingrown hairs and reduces the inflammation response that may occur with constant shaving.

A Man can spend around 45 days out of their lives shaving/trimming their beards, a whopping 1,092 hours! Laser Hair Removal is carried out every 4 weeks on the facial areas, and a course of treatments is needed to reduce the hair. Each treatment (on the beard area) takes around 15 minutes.

All skin types and areas of the body can be treated safely and effectively.

A consultations appointment is required to assess suitability, discuss outcomes and carry out a patch test, this appointment takes around 30 mins.

Written by Rhyse Ramsden
Lead Laser Practitioner

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