Here at Core Medical Clinics, we understand that going to your local GP for mental and sexual health appointments can be intimidating. This is why we strive to make GP visits convenient, comfortable and confidential while offering guaranteed short waiting times. There are plenty of benefits to private healthcare.

The benefits of a private GP 

Having a busy lifestyle is unavoidable. We understand how difficult it can be to find time to see your local GP, especially with their lengthy waiting times. At local healthcare centres, it can feel competitive to book a visit and often accompanies severe inconveniences.

Our private healthcare service guarantees minimal waiting times. This ensures immediate and convenient appointments at times that suit your schedule. Unlike local, public GP practices, we offer a flexibility that positions your visit as our main priority.

You get what you pay for

Private healthcare clinic prices can be concerning, but paying for essential services shouldn’t fall flat when it comes to your GP.

At Core Medical Clinics, our luxury healthcare standards begin at the door. Comfort, discretion, confidentiality and high-quality facilities are guaranteed. We prioritise our patients’ experience – each visit to Core Medical is worthwhile.

Mental and sexual health

At Core Medical Clinics, mental and sexual health appointments are some of the most popular private healthcare services we offer.

For appointments regarding mental health – from stress to anxiety and depression – our GPs handle your concerns with the same respect as physical health. Your mental wellbeing is extremely important to our GPs and is discussed with sensitivity, backed by many years of experience.


To book a Private GP appointment with Dr. Williams, contact us through our website or call us on 01924 290816.