SMEAR / Cervical Cancer Screening

We ladies have all been there, receiving that Cervical Cancer Screening letter inviting you for your routine smear test. This can be a stomach dropping moment for most women.

The anxiety of going to the doctors along with the fear of undressing from the waist down can be daunting to say the very least. The embarrassment of someone seeing your most intimate area is not a pleasant thought!

Yes we know…. you are already tucking that letter away in the back of the drawer because out of sight is out of mind right…?!

Why have a smear test

Here in the UK, NHS smear tests are offered to women from the age of 25. It can take up to 6 weeks for you to receive the results. Scarily, recorded statistics show less than 72% of these appointments are scheduled. That means that a staggering 1.28 million women have NOT had their smear test!

We urge you not to be part of these statistics! The smear itself takes less than 5 minutes it is quick and painless (maybe slightly uncomfortable). Therefore, the single most important thing to remember is, IT SAVES LIVES! Smear tests are offered to detect changes in the cervix and treat if necessary, preventing it developing into cancer!

Here at Core Medical Clinics, we test privately from the age of 18 if necessary. The procedure itself is carried out in a calm, relaxing, private environment, with the latest and most advanced speculums! This ensures the experience is as comfortable as possible, the results are back between 2-5 days

The most common symptoms of cervical cancer are:

  1. Abnormal bleeding: during or after sexual intercourse, or between periods.
  2. Post-menopausal bleeding, if you are not on HRT or if you have stopped it for six weeks.
  3. Unusual vaginal discharge.
  4. Discomfort or pain during sex.
  5. Lower back pain.

It is also worth baring in mind, some of the symptoms above can be a result of a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).

If you have any concerns, talk to a GP or book in for a private screening test.

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